No shows on the horizon, but all of us are doing different things and love each other very much. We will hopefully record again sometime in the future. News Regarding problems with vinyl edition of LP. Now, having recently received a small amount of copies of the Euro press of Typical System and the 2nd test of the US version, we've decided that the US version wins out. Rather than confuse the issue and send out a slightly inferior first batch, we'd rather wait until we have the record we want to hear in our hands before sending it out to the people. Enjoy your ultra dependable digital files in the meantime. Album is album of the month at Rough Trade this July, for which there is a bonus live disc. Thanks to Wei Huang for designing the sleeve.

Typical System

New LP <<Typical System>> available in Australia through Inertia. Available in USA and Europe through Iron Lung and La Vida Es Un Mus Discos respectively.

No tours.

Eastlink, Russell Street Bombings, Snake, UV Race, Straightjacket Nation, The Speedies, Total Control, Nicky Crane, Lower Plenty, Dick Diver, Mikey Young and no we aren't broken up just on hiatus.


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